Friday, January 3, 2014

An Elevator Speech

An "Elevator Speech" is a short statement, ideally only one or two sentences long, that states in a nutshell the goal, purpose, or mission of someone or something. Think of it as a personal mission statement that you could get out to a group of people in an elevator between the time the doors close and the moment someone hits the emergency stop button because there's a lunatic in the elevator.
Here's my attempt at getting my message out before someone calls the loony bin:
In ten years, I want to be free of my student loan debt and own land on which I will be running a LARP or many LARPs. I will achieve this by living frugally, buying locally, developing additional and alternative revenue sources, and taking steps to improve both my mental and physical health.
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This isn't a complete picture of my action plan. (I'm not sure there is a complete picture of it anywhere yet.) But it should communicate to you my main long-termish goals (tame the Debt dragon and run LARPs), and some of my less-long-termish goals and/or priorities (improve my health, find different ways to make money, and be conscious about my financial choices). Hopefully it could give the people in an elevator an idea of who they're dealing with before they decide to tackle me to the ground.
...Given my aversion to pain, maybe I should refrain from actually delivering my elevator speech in an elevator--at least until such time as our society does not default to thinking someone talking to complete strangers out of nowhere is crazy.
That being said, I still want to someday get into an elevator, wait for the doors to close, and then announce "I'm sure you're all wondering why I called you here today..." just to see what would happen.
Probably the best location in an elevator to do that is in a corner, so that people wouldn't be able to tackle me very easily...

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